Lazure Painting Workshop


Lazure Painting Workshop with Robert Logsdon
New Gallery Wall Painting
in the
Historic Starline Factory Galleries
400 W. Front St. Harvard, IL 60033

August 15 -19, 2016
9 am to 5 pm each day

Learn to do your own Lazure painting while transforming a new gallery space. Lazure is layers of paint prepared nearly as thin and transparent as watercolor, consisting of water, binder, and pigment. It is applied with a rhythmical movement using large brushes. The final color is achieved using varied colors applied in several layers, over a white surface. Light passes through these thin layers of color and is reflected back, giving a pure color experience. The Lazure method offers a creative and conscientious use of color that provides nourishment for the eye and the soul. No experience in art or painting is necessary. Robert Logsdon is a master Lazure artist recognized for carrying this work from Europe and nurturing its further development in the United States.

On the 1st day: we will begin with an introduction, and practice on your own 2′ x 4′ prepared drywall, and may be able to start on the actual walls, then on the 2nd day: split up into teams, begin or continue to paint virgin drywall gallery walls, and use valuable time watching. The 3rd through the 5th day will be to complete the Lazure Painting with a final layer of varnish.  20 participants max.
Cost: 1 day – $150, 3 day – $360, 5 day – $500. $20 day for Lunch and/or $10 for snacks alone. The Stanchion Pub downstairs (Thursday through Saturday) + choices nearby in Woodstock, IL and Lake Geneva, WI.

The gallery is accessible by the Chicago Metra Line to Harvard,  from Milwaukee via Hwy 43 and Rt.120, or 73 miles from Madison via 90 to Hwy 14. One hour + from every direction.