Weekend Workshop in San Carlos, CA

Lazure, Workshop

A two-day intensive with master Lazure artist Robert Logsdon, to benefit The New Form Technology Research Center, from October 18-20, 2013.  The workshop will begin on Friday evening with registration and an introductory talk by Frank Chester and Robert Logsdon.

The use of transparent layers of color to create entire environments was first developed by artist, scientist, and philosopher, Rudolf Steiner. Since his time, and especially in recent years, this art of lazure painting has become recognized for its unique artistic and therapeutic qualities. It is used internationally in schools, residences, offices, therapeutic facilities, hotels, cultural centers and more.

Walls are prepared with white paint, then fluid transparent color is applied in layers which allow light to reflect back through the color, creating more luminosity. Color is freed from the lifeless quality of solid, opaque paint to bring a living quality to walls.

Learning to work with fluid color on large surfaces allows the artist to expand a creative relationship with the color world. While pigment is a physical substance, color is a soul substance. Lazure color enlivens and ensouls an environment, considering the specific use of the space and in support of the architectural functions.

We will learn wall preparation and color application techniques and create, with lazure color, a beautiful color space.

Weekend workshop fee is $180, with an early registration discount before September 15th.  Click here: Lazure_Workshop_Flyer to download registration form.