Weekend Workshop in San Carlos, CA

Lazure, Workshop

A two-day intensive with master Lazure artist Robert Logsdon, to benefit The New Form Technology Research Center, from October 18-20, 2013.  The workshop will begin on Friday evening with registration and an introductory talk by Frank Chester and Robert Logsdon.

The use of transparent layers of color to create entire environments was first developed by artist, scientist, and philosopher, Rudolf Steiner. Since his time, and especially in recent years, this art of lazure painting has become recognized for its unique artistic and therapeutic qualities. It is used internationally in schools, residences, offices, therapeutic facilities, hotels, cultural centers and more.

Walls are prepared with white paint, then fluid transparent color is applied in layers which allow light to reflect back through the color, creating more luminosity. Color is freed from the lifeless quality of solid, opaque paint to bring a living quality to walls.

Learning to work with fluid color on large surfaces allows the artist to expand a creative relationship with the color world. While pigment is a physical substance, color is a soul substance. Lazure color enlivens and ensouls an environment, considering the specific use of the space and in support of the architectural functions.

We will learn wall preparation and color application techniques and create, with lazure color, a beautiful color space.

Weekend workshop fee is $180, with an early registration discount before September 15th.  Click here: Lazure_Workshop_Flyer to download registration form.

The 12 Senses – Summer Intensive at the Alkion Center


Summer Intensive at The Alkion Center, June 23 – 28, 2013
Color Psychology & Enlivening Environments
 – We will explore the alchemy of color experience, the human soul, the art and craft of Lazure painting and its effective application in school, home, business and healing environments.
This seminar is part of a “conference on the beautiful unity of the twelve distinct senses, as outlined by Rudolf Steiner. We will explore how healthy, joyful child development is supported by age appropriate, timely activities and practices. How can trust, emotional stability, identity, social awareness, empathy, self confidence, perseverance and other aspects of being human be nurtured and educated? We will build an awareness of this crucial field through seminars, presentations, artistic activities, and conversation.” (excerpted from the conference website)
(Application and tuition information)

Hawthorne Valley Alkion Center
330 County Route 21C, Ghent, NY 12075

Wonderful Lazure Trip to Alaska

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Our work and vacation time in Alaska was wonderful. The newly built charter Waldorf school, Winterberry, was in its final stage of completion in Anchorage and all the work was tightly scheduled.  The principal, Shanna, who hosted us, participated in the ten day workshop while she managed to oversee plans for the move in date, which took place the day after we finished.  She also managed to coordinate the finishing work with the contractor, and prepare wonderful  meals in the evening.  We were fortunate to be there during the annual salmon run and we all enjoyed this great staple of the Alaskan diet.

There were three of us to lead the workshop along with Nika Dubmansky, who came  to participate and lend a hand. Nika often works with me on lazure projects and recently helped on the three month project painting the newly built Camphill Ghent community.  She was truly a great asset to our work. Diane Goetlicher came from CA and Martha Loving from Vermont to help lead the work. We completed nine very large classrooms, a teachers’ room, and a small office as well as two murals.

After the workshop we had four days camping and hiking in the southwest corner of AK in the areas of Homer and Seward. While we did not encounter any bears on the trail we certainly stepped over many scat deposits along the way.  We had a day out sightseeing on a boat from Seward where we saw many orcas and humpbacks as well as seals, sea lions, puffins and other sea birds. We floated close to an ice glacier and hiked near two others, one with a beautiful lake and floating forms of ice. We were all inspired to sketch and paint along the way and wished we had more time in this beautiful part of the world.

Workshop in Alaska!

Lazure, Travel, Workshop

Check out my Workshop page for information about an exciting upcoming opportunity.  I will be traveling to Anchorage, AK to lead a ten-day workshop at the Winterberry School.  Workshops are a great way to learn basic Lazure techniques while getting to know other people in a friendly learning environment.